Bubaology-The Bubble Tea café Review Kolkata

Bubaology The Bubble Tea Café  Review Kolkata:-

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If you want to have tea and not taste something that tastes like conventional tea head for the Bubble tea café .

Bubble Tea café located opposite City Center at Salt Lake, provides their signature drinks called Bubble tea,  the drinks are offered in flavours like litchi, mango, green apple, water melon, taro which contain tapioca balls made of starch that has its origins in Taiwan. Priced at Rs. 69 for a regular glass and Rs. 89 for a large glass you could choose from a crushed ice or a pearl milk variant . To quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day you could probably choose the crushed ice variant  while the pearl milk is a good option to fill you up. If you want something warm for your sore throat you can try the hot bubble tea at three flavours of tea, chocolate and vanilla


Coming to eatables you could choose from pasta, sandwiches, magi or yippee, momos.

However the quantities are not much worth as regarding the price at Rs 40and Rs 50 for veg items and Rs 70-Rs100 for the non veg items.

Expect to sit outdoors as there is only one place indoors which mostly gets filled.

We would suggest check the place out for their unique drinks.


EC-21 (Opp. City Centre 1), Salt Lake City,, 700064, Kolkata,

Tel. +919903859979