Bean It Up! Review Kolkata

Bean It Up! Review Kolkata:-

 bean it upTired of shopping and stomach threatening you , your tired limbs shrieking for rest  and Hurrah!!!!!, you spot a sign “ Bean It Up” a place to eat and sit alas !!.

The place will seem upmarket to you.  While resting your limbs, you are asked to order. You settle down for a gravy chowmein but you are promptly told that they do not make it but when you point out that it is on the menu you are informed that it is written “just like that”.

Taken aback by such reply,  you try to figure out, what you can eat . Each time you ask for a dish you are advised that you choose something else, this process goes on for some time.

Infuriated and the growling in your stomach growing louder, making you wonder if people next to you can hear it, you settle down for a plate of hakka chowmein.

After a wait of 15 minutes it does arrive at your table, but it’s too oily and has  0 % taste.

So the moral of the story is never judge a book by its cover.

The seemingly hip, uber , upmarket “Bean It Up” has very little to offer in terms of its variety of food. Though a glance at the menu card provides you a wide variety but sadly they are there just to attract customers.

The adjacent eatery “Sugar A Spice” made a better business ., which makes one wonder that probably sometimes it is just right to follow the crowd .


This is our experience at “Bean It Up” Dakhinapan Complex. If you have  a different experience do write to us at [email protected]


Dakshinapan Shopping Complex,

Shop No. G 99, Ground Floor,

Dhakuria, Kolkata, 700068


Tel: +919830076269